We donate 10% of all pet product sales to Pets for Patriots. Click here to learn more.


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    Pets for Patriots and Remedy Shop

    Remedy Shop is proud to donate 10% of all pet product sales to Pets for Patriots, a nationally operating nonprofit organization that helps veterans adopt a new best friend while saving the most overlooked shelter dogs and cats.


    About Pets for Patriots:

    Pets for Patriots gives the gifts of fidelity, joy and love to veterans and pets through companion animal adoption. They helps veterans and service members adopt the most overlooked dogs and cats, including adult, special needs, long-term homeless, and large breed pets, offering them a second chance at life through adoption. Pets for Patriots partners with U.S. shelter and veterinary networks, military and veteran organizations, and the public to value and honor the lives of the most vulnerable and heroic among us. For more information, visit www.petsforpatriots.org.