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    Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

    A Modern Muscle & Joint Cream

    Cooling topicals are a dime a dozen. Frankly, you can try any number of creams from your local supermarket and only get temporary satisfaction. What we have here is a hemp-infused cooling lotion that offers an arctic blast of fast-acting relief.

    This product was designed for people who want to try a CBD cream for muscle and joint issues. Made with 100% US grown hemp and other quality ingredients, we believe in the healing potential of Populum's Cold Therapy Rub.


    • 3 fluid ounces
    • 100 mg of CBD

    How to Apply

    Take a small amount of Populum's cream and rub it onto your aching muscles or irritated joints for soothing relief. Massage the product until it is fully absorbed into the skin to ensure none of it goes to waste.