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    How much CBD oil to give your dog?

    Many pet owners are choosing to turn to CBD oil to help treat a variety of ailments and increase overall wellness in their dogs. While research is ongoing, many dog owners claim that CBD (cannabidiol) has been vital for treating a host of issues, from seizures to pain to anxiety. If you are trying to find the best CBD oil dosage for your dog, read on to determine the option that best works for you and your pet.

    The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

    Research into the effects of CBD in dogs is limited, but a few promising studies have been released. One small study at the Yamazaki University of Animal Health in Japan showed that dogs can show similar results to humans when it comes to lessening the severity of seizures. Another study from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine showed that CBD oil was helpful in decreasing pain in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

    While studies are still in the early stages, a survey from the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association collected data from over 600 pet owners. They found that, in addition to seizures and pain, many were able to successfully use CBD for anxiety relief, sleep assistance, nervous response support, reduction of inflammation, prevention of vomiting and nausea, helping with digestive tract issues, limiting muscle spasms, and treating skin conditions.

    Dosing for Dogs

    An exact dosage of CBD for dogs has not been established, so it is best to start small and work up from there. A general guideline is to start with 0.2mg of CBD per pound. For example, a 20 pound dog should start with 4mg of CBD.

    Dog's Weight

    Starting Dose

    10 lbs

    2 mg

    20 lbs

    4 mg

    40 lbs

    8 mg

    60 lbs

    12 mg

    80 lbs

    16 mg

    100 lbs

    20 mg


    Pay attention to the details on your CBD oil bottle, and take note of the amount of CBD that is in one dropper of oil. In a standard 30mL/ 1oz bottle, if the bottle says there is 8mg of CBD per mL and you are trying to dose out 4mg, you will want to give half a dropper full.

    Try out a small dosage, and then gauge your dog’s response. Remember that it could take around an hour for the effects to set in. If it doesn’t seem to have a major effect, try increasing the dosage in small increments until you find the amount that works best for your dog’s needs.

    Generally, if you are using CBD oil to treat anxiety or stress in your dog, the dose will be on the smaller side compared to the dose needed for treating seizures or chronic pain.

    Keep that in mind when playing with the dosage. You will also need to create a dosing schedule that works for your needs. For anxiety and stress, you may need to give one to two doses a day, or simply administer as needed. For managing chronic pain or seizures, you may need to give a dose around every 8 hours.

    It should also be noted that you should choose CBD oil products that were specifically created for pets. CBD oils created for human consumption will generally have higher dosages, and may have ingredients that are not safe for dogs. Stick with pet-marketed products in order to ensure you are giving your dog the healthiest option. You should also ensure that the product you choose is derived from hemp (rather than marijuana), as the hemp plant has higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.