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    Does CBD Shampoo Work?

    CBD shampoo is the newest trend that is making waves in the health and beauty world. These products use oil extracted from the hemp plant, which is high in CBD and low in THC, and claim that the host of CBD benefits can promote healthy strands.

    However, with seemingly every company hopping on the CBD band wagon, it is natural to ask the question: does CBD shampoo work?

    Of course, since CBD shampoo is just now emerging into the mainstream market, the scientific research related specifically to CBD and hair care is limited. There are, however, studies that show the benefits of using CBD products topically for skin care.

    How CBD Shampoo Works

    CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in the body, which is believed to regulate skin health. While studies have shown that there are a host of skin care related benefits that can come from using CBD products, the most pertinent as it relates to hair is that it has been found to possibly have anti-inflammatory effects. These anti-inflammatory effects potentially could help boost scalp and hair health.

    Benefits of CBD Shampoo

    Using that information and knowledge of the composition of CBD, there are claims that shampoo infused with CBD has a variety of benefits for healthy strands.

    These benefits may include:

    • Volume and Strength: Hemp flower, where the CBD oil is typically extracted from, contains amino acids that can improve the levels of collagen and elastin in the hair. This means the hair could become thicker, stronger, and more voluminous.
    • Moisture: CBD oil is rich in fatty acids, including omega 3, 6, and 9, which helps hair retain moisture for optimal health and shine.
    • Protect: The high levels of antioxidants found in CBD oil can help protect the hair against environmental stressors.
    • Maintain Color: Even those with color-treated hair can benefit from CBD shampoo. The amino acids can help to protect hair color, so you won’t need to worry about hair losing its luster.
    • Stimulate Growth: A healthy scalp is necessary for hair growth, so all of the mentioned benefits can lead towards optimal health for faster growing hair.

    Brands typically include other essential oils and natural ingredients in their CBD shampoo products in order to expand on the many benefits.

    Some common ingredients include argan oil for moisture, avocado oil for protection, and fruit extracts for exfoliation. The highest quality brands will be free of sulfates and parabens, so you won’t need to worry about products that are unsafe for you or the environment. Of course, check the labels of any product you are researching to confirm.

    If you think you would benefit from CBD shampoo, you can check out these top brands to find a formula that works best for you. While the research is currently limited, the potential of hemp shampoo or CBD conditioners is promising, and you may just find your new favorite hair care system. Look for products that target your primary needs (such as volume, moisture, or strength) in order to pick a formula that perfectly serves your hair and elicits the best results.

    Final Thoughts

    CBD shampoo works just like your typical products—rinse, rather, repeat—so it is an easy and safe product to test out in your hair care routine to see if the benefits apply to your hair and scalp.